Hostage-taker killed after 11-hour standoff

SOME eleven hours after he took several tourists aboard a bus hostage, a dismissed police captain was shot dead in an assault Monday night.

Manila Police District Superintendent Nelson Yabut said former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza succumbed to gunshot wounds to the head.

“There was an assault team at the back, he retreated at the front… Sa kasamaang palad tinamaan sa ulo,” he said in a radio interview.

Representatives from Hong Kong rushed to the Ospital ng Maynila where the hostages were brought.

For his part, Metro Manila police chief Director Leocadio Santiago Jr. insisted the situation was now “under control.”

Santiago said all the hostages from the bus were rushed to the Ospital ng Maynila.

“Under control ang situation as far as tactical turf is concerned. Lahat na hostages tinakbo sa hospital,” Santiago said.

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