Save DepEd from the corrupt

BROTHER Armin Luistro says the longer the students stay for 12 years in basic education the better their employment chances are.

Once employed, according the Department Secretary Armin Luistro, they can begin pursuing their college degrees of their choices.

Luistro came from the De La Salle University (DLSU), an exclusive rich man’s school that promotes the trimester concept of education.

The trimester approach hastens the college students’ graduation from four to just three years. The same goes for DLSU medical students at the Cavite campus where enrolment is also trimester.

While the trimester concept could hasten the students’ graduation it could also hasten the payment of tuition and other fees the DLSU is famous for.

It’s the reverse for basic education under Brother Armin’s idea. A 12-year basic education is as cheap, if we are to believe the good brother and you better believe him because De La Salle brothers are not liars.

Cheating and lying are not virtues of those who study or teach at the DLSU although at one time or another the university had to return its championship crown because one basketball player was caught lying about his age and his status.

No fault of Luistro, really, but to say a 12-year basic education is cheap is like saying someone must be lying through his teeth.

Granting that kindergarten, elementary and high school levels would be offered free to students, the hidden charges are numerous and mind-boggling, sometimes with the participation and connivance of the teachers themselves.

Brother Luistro must also be told that teachers may not be generally corrupt, but the department itself is not that clean. Take for instance the cases of noodles, the textbooks and construction materials the DepEd buys. They are overvalued, overpriced and erroneous.

Many pupils and students drop out not because of the longer years they have to stay in school but because they and their parents cannot afford expensive and whimsical projects required before anyone of them can graduate.

Luistro can give parents and students a good turn if, like DLSU, he can shorten both basic and higher education by adopting La Salle’s trimester style, stop the cheating and corruption at DepEd and pursue cases against teachers sexually molesting the boys and the girls in their schools.

Luistro is suggesting that his 12-year basic education program will include vocational courses to make the students more productive. That would be good for those who want to study engineering and allied subjects, but what about those who are inclined to study medicine, nursing, law, or religion where Luistro qualifies without doubt?

By the way, where will Luistro get the added chairs, tables, rooms and school buildings to make his scheme work? God forbid!

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