The gall

It looked like some people have become either unrepentant or had merely just ignored the mishandling of last week’s bloody hostage-taking which had place the Philippines in a very embarrassing situation.

Take the case of Manila Police Supt Nelson Yabut, who told newsmen that he was doing it “for love of country, not for self-glory.”
“I do not need a  pat on the back.. I hope that they realize that what I did was for the country,” said Yabut, who was relieved as chief of the Manila Police department  rapid deployment unit for his alleged unauthorized participation

If I were Col. Yabut, I would have resigned immediately after the so-called Manila’s Finest placed the country in a very ridiculous situation. But he was a still under the impression that he was being patriotic for being one of the people who should be regarded as  a “hero,” if we were to ask Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Even Director Leocadio Santiago, the chief of the National Capital Region Office (NCRPO) already admitted that he would have conducted the assault differently. That practically explained the fact that it should not only be Mendoza who should be blamed, as being pictured by the PNP, until Justice Secretary Leila de Lima issued a gag order on the police for any statement regarding the ongoing inquiry on the incident.
Manila Police District Chief Superintendent Rodolfo Magtibay already went on leave after the incident, but only after pinpointing to Manila
Mayor Lim as the one who ordered the assault on the tourist bus.
It turned out that it was also the Manila mayor who ordered the arrest of the hijacker’s brother SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza, who had joined the police negotiators. The hostage taker saw the incident on a TV monitor inside the bus and it triggered the bloodbath.

Since Lim is the city’s chief executive, he  can really issue orders to Magtibay and Yabut, who are said to be his boys in the force.
It is really ironic that Lim is at it again. The Mendiola massacre, which incidentally happened before the first year of President Corazon Aquino’s administration, came when Lim was the Manila police chief.

Since Lim is now mayor, he does not only have the responsibility over the police , he should also be accountable for what had happened.
Right after the incident, Mayor Lim preferred to  remain quiet, and just left his stuttering Vice Mayor Isko Moreno to explain the situation before the international audience.

Otherwise, he would just be too glad to project himself, if only to glamorize his so-called “walking tall” image.
But he later said that the members of the MPD were true heroes who should be commended because they were willing to lay down their lives.

By assaulting an armed hijacker, they were fulfilling their duty as protectors of people, but that does not meant they are heroes.
It is just unfortunate that some people are making a mockery of the situation, thinking that they can get away with it and just simply put all the blame on Mendoza.

Only living people lie.

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