Trio los bobos

A remake of the “Trio Los Bobos” headed by the late comedian Apeng Daldal is not in the offing but the old movie series entitled “The Three Stooges” is now being revived by MGM.

It will star Sean Penn, Benito del Toro and Jim Carrey.

I will not suggest that a Filipino version be made of the three stooges; neither will I propose the inclusion of the triumvirate of crisis management professor Herminio Coloma, former television anchorman Ricky Carandang and spokesman Edwin Lacierda in any proposed movie that would depict the bloody siege at the Quirino Grandstand last week.

For one thing, these three very high government officials are neither comedians nor professional actors although they could have performed better in handling the public relations aspect of the murder of the18 Chinese tourists held hostage by a former police captain who had run amuck.

Last week, Carandang and Foreign Secretary Bert Romulo, together with Vice President Jejomar Binay, were all set to fly to Hong Kong and Beijing to appease HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang who had earlier on Monday telephoned President Aquino and Romulo about the incident but to no avail.

They were promptly told by Mr. Tsang not to proceed unless they produced an official report on the incident.

My personal suggestion is that the Vice President should not involve himself in the discussion with Mr. Tsang and their other counterparts in Beijing. If something goes wrong with the discussions, Binay can only blame himself.

Rather, it should be the Executive Secretary (what’s his name?) who should appear at the HK airport together with Romulo, Lacierda and Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

After the negotiations, whether successful or not, President Noynoy can fire all these five personalities the way the President fired the weather bureau chief.

Robredo said “Mayor Lim was on top of the situation as head of the crisis management committee and he possesses relevant experience as former chief of the Manila Police District, former NBI director and even a former DILG secretary.”

According to Robredo, “the situation only went out of hand when negotiations bogged down in the afternoon with the improper manner of arrest of Mendoza’s brother,” referring to Senior Police Officer 2 Gregorio Mendoza, brother of hostage-taker Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza.

Robredo said the joint investigating task force formed by the DILG and the Department of Justice would be able to wrap up its investigation into the hostage-taking and bungled rescue operation in three weeks.

But who would investigate Robredo to find out if he was also liable for sheer incompetence?

But back to the Trio Los Bobos and the Three Stooges:  I think they could be box-office hits if both are shown in China and the Philippines.

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