And the bishops too…

EVEN men of the cloth are benefiting from the illegal numbers racket jueteng, and nobody from their ranks are talking.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz can keep his silence who among the bishops are enjoying the cash. It’s easy to know, anyway. One has just to look around, starting maybe with the palaces.

Where will a poor diocese, for instance, get the money to build palatial churches and residences? Where will a bishop get the money to buy the latest SUV?

Unfortunately, some men of the cloth seemed to have adapted easily to the traits of their counterparts in government.

Well, they are the ones who get to be invited by the local powers that be. Whatever the source of that power, some local clergy do not mind.

Another sad thing is that jueteng operators believe that with the money they give to the Church, their souls will be saved from eternal perdition(?).

And the saddest part is when bishops and members of the clergy believe it too.

Critics of the Catholic Church will now have more ammunition to hit one of the most influential institutions in the country.

But who dares? Who will come forward and throw the first stone? Who comes clean among the manangs and manongs and the do-gooders?

Some pretenders may dare, but to what end? Where will all these revelations end. What will be next? What will the government and the Church leaders do?

Ah, questions…

Meanwhile, human rights groups call on the bishops to help the so-called “Morong 43” health workers who remain in detention after being accused of being communists.

The poor detainees have been appealing to the Church for help in convincing President Benigno Aquino III to order their release.

Funny, isn’t it? After 2,000 years, nothing seemed to have changed.

While political and religious leaders collect from gamblers and while the masses wallow in poverty, those who try to ease the pain of the poor are being accused of being subversives.

And by the way, an Aglipayan priest called on the government the other day to look into the abduction and torture of Elke Bacalso, son of a former political prisoner.

Bacalso, a 20-year-old student at the Cebu Institute of Technology, was abducted last September 8 near the CIT campus.

Prior to the kidnapping, two armed men approached and dragged Bacalso to a waiting van and threatened him.

“I know where the children of communists hold their meetings. You are children of communists, right?”

And all these are happening while we are busy talking about jueteng. Oh, Lord! Joe Torres

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