Atong Ang behind ‘jueteng’ comeback

KNOWN gambling operator Atong Ang is reportedly behind the controversy surrounding the illegal numbers game jueteng and has been bankrolling a media campaign to discredit government officials allegedly receiving payola from the racket.

Police intelligence officials said Atong “is orchestrating the sudden noise on jueteng.”   This time, he’s using Interior Jesse Robredo to “sensationalize jueteng by naming officials involved in the gambling scheme.”

“Whenever jueteng is raised and media sensationalizes, with the help of congressional investigations, Atong comes in with

his candy-coated STL proposal. STL is nothing but a legal cover for jueteng,” the police official base in Camp Crame said.

The police official said that in Cavite, Atong reportedly collects P2 million daily but only half a million goes to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

“The same skimming-off-the-top method is used by Atong in Cagayan, Camarines  Norte, some parts of Luzon and in Mindanao. Under the law, the net  income in STL is divided among the government officials,” the police official, who is also a lawyer by profession, explained.

Ang was reportedly was rewarded with an STL license by the PCSO after he was pardoned. Using former President Arroyo as his connection, Atong was able to flourish with his jueteng-cum-STL operations.

The official said Atong penetrated Bicol thru Robredo’s cousin in law, Alex Tang, first-degree cousin of Mrs. Leni Robredo.

Another gambling lord, Bong Pineda, strongly resisted the STL scheme of Atong, that’s why Pampanga and Bulacan  remain the exclusive turf of  Pineda. The Singsons of Ilocos Sur also blocked  Atong’s STL scheme.

“Now comes the Aquino administration pressured against the jueteng issue, Atong  saw the opening and played footsie with Robredo,” the police official said.  Anthony Vargas

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