BOC may tap P101M for anti-smuggling intel

APART from its budget for next year and amid a possible collection shortfall this year, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) will have an extra windfall of P101.855 million next year representing income from fees, which could find its way to the agency’s intelligence and anti-smuggling programs.

This developed as the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) granted BOC a spending authority to utilize its income from fees for “the bureau’s effective and efficient collection of revenues.”

The additional outlay represents the customs agency’s accumulated income from fees collected for its Super Green Lane program worth P30.066 million and from Non-Intrusive Container Inspection System project amounting P71.789 million.

The fees collected over the years were parked in special funds by virtue of Executive Orders (EOs) 230 and 592 and whose disbursement is subject to a special budget provision.

The go ahead to touch the funds was emblazoned as a “special provision” in the BOC’s outlay for 2011.

The BOC’s Super Green Lane affords fast processing to big importers bringing in goods that have no corresponding tariffs such as semiconductors and beans while the Non-Intrusive Container Inspection System uses state-of-the-art X-Ray machines that could bore through cargo containers without opening it.

The BOC collects fees from both services.

The special spending authority for the P101.855 million would virtually bloat by 2,163 percent the customs agency’s budget for intelligence and confidential activities worth P4.5 million. Dino Ng

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