Cheap stunts, spins and spills

Sen. Joker Arroyo hit the rusty nail on the head by saying that the new admin is running the country like a student government. Nothing wrong with students running it for we were all once students.  What is wrong is this particular batch of wannabes. Time was when grades and gray matter. Give them time. City administrators, ex-congressmen, senators and mayors learn slowly on national level. On PSP they hit high levels.

They have been treating us to cheap publicity stunts and spins that end up in spills. Dick Sinchongco


Front Sight sources revealed that some PNP officers are disgusted with PNoy’s appointment of Raul Bacalzo as head of the Philippine National Police. That’s pretty obvious with the way some shadowy characters have come out to expose Bacalzo’s jueteng links.

Certain classes have cast their lot with then candidate Aquino. Good for them not to get the choice positions. PNoy allowed partisanship to creep into the ranks. Tsk,tsk. Kung hindi ba naman kayo mga gunggong eh. ‘Yan ang napala n’yo!  Only idiots in the PNP play politics.


Guessing Game: Whoever gave PNoy the idea that members of PMA class ’78 must be frozen must belong to class 68 of dinosaurs. Did you guess that bow-legged dino right? I can PM it to you.


I’m bothered that PNot sees the Abads and Ochoa more than Shalani. That’s facing the ugly realities of daliy life! Kaya siguro pumapangit ang outlook.


So what if the President is on an economy mode on this US trip? What’s the big deal palace muchachos? This thing is all about PR stunts. We’re waiting for the next spins and spills. It’s a bad hair year when you run into his communicators. And you can’t take this corner for a spin.


For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Or maybe you can send it to the biggest OJT in the palace. They need a lot of info. Just pray na hindi siya tinatamad.

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