‘Euro-general’ gets star despite scandal

A SENIOR police officer implicated in the “Euro-Genera scandal” two years ago was promoted on Thursday despite possible raps he might face for the scandal.

Senior Supt. Thomas Rentoy III has been promoted to the rank of chief superintendent, which is equivalent to the military’s brigadier general, said a statement released by Camp Crame’s Public Information Office.

At the time of the “Euro-General scandal,” Rentoy was the budget officer of the Directorate for Comptrollership of the National Police, the office that released the money for the delegates to the Interpol meeting in Moscow.

Rentoy is currently assigned as executive officer of the directorate.

The Camp Crame statement said it was no less than President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who approved the promotion of Rentoy and three other senior police officers.

The promotion were recommended by Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo and PNP chief, Director General Jesus Verzosa, based on the evaluation made by the PNP Senior Officers Placement and Promotions Board.

The three other promoted officers are Chief Supt. George Piano, who was promoted as Police Director (Major General in the army), and Senior Supt. Alex Paul Monteagudo and Elpidio de Asis, who were promoted chief superintendent.

Rentoy’s promotion came despite the findings made by the Office of the Ombudsman that he should be investigated for violating the anti-graft and corrupt practices law for his involvement in the scandal.

Aside from Rentoy, 11 retired and active police officers and three civilians have been recommended by the Ombudsman Office to be investigated for the same offense.

The Office of the Ombudsman on Thursday released the initial result of its investigation, finding 12 retired and active police officers and three civilians violating the anti-graft and corrupt law for their involvement in the incident. Anthony Vargas

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