The more PNoy officials talk, the more they expose themselves as bungling OJTs. DILG Usec Rico Puno has been stepping on banana peels lately. The same goes with his boss DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo who has raised the ante in the jueteng controversy by saying Puno and the unlamented early retiree Jesus Verzosa were ordered by the president to look into the matter but did nothing.

So we now have a dysfunctional department. Those who know their jobs know what to do in these cases.  Puno went as far as ‘recommending’ people who can better run the department. But wait! What’s Puno’s logic in saying that Verzosa is better since he just retired and still has the respect of the PNP? Is  Puno saying that Verzosa can pull off another ‘euro generals episode’ because he still commands respect? You lost me there.

Puno later on explained that he was merely asked a question about possible DILG bets. He was too slow to think that he will end up shooting his foot.  Maybe this shooter has a history of too many ADs. He should adopt the line; less talk, less mistakes. More work and research please.


It’s good not to hear the loudmouth over at DOTC who kept yakking about things he does not know. He is another example of patronizing factotums who will not be of any help to any government.


OJTs of the current administration are good at sparking revolts. After the judicial revolt, they are now busy setting the stage for a commuter revolt. Why did they talk about raising MRT, LRT fares when they still do not understand the situation? Less talk, less mistake. You can’t always give the flimsy excuse that you are new to the job. You hit the ground running not bungling.


For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Or maybe you can send it to the biggest OJT in the palace. They need a lot of info. Just pray na hindi siya tinatamad.

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