Lunch Inc.

Who is this assistant secretary who brings a whole squad of entourage and designates district officers to feed them lunch everyday of the week? The district officers are required to bring in the food. Front Sight sources told me that at times there are around twenty people to feed. I pity the district exec holding office across the main building. He ends up footing the bill most of the time. I just don’t know if the fixers contribute to the kitty.

The department head is sore after reports reached the office about the money-making adventures of this asec. Well, the are in for more surprises.


A department head is very busy packing every available position with clumsy and bungling executives.  I will not be surprised if employees of this frontline agency will stage a revolt. The new officials are sowing confusion and discontent simply because they do not know what they are dealing with.

What’s this I hear that a former exec reportedly responsible for P1m-a-day losses in the agency’s revenues years back has just been appointed and given a juicy position? It seems the department head, who served well before, has lost his touch. The secretary has lost flair and decency. I’ve lost my respect for this guy who also lost in the art of communications.


I got a text from a friend saying that the new MRT execs revoked the access passes given by previous execs. Are they finding faults instead of wisdom? Is Sec. Ping de Jesus aware of the goings on? I told my friend I will ask the bright boys of PNoy in MRT. Or maybe I will ask Sec. Ping. If he still knows how to communicate.


For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Or maybe you can send it to the biggest OJT in the palace. They need a lot of info. Just pray na hindi siya tinatamad. Front Sight/Dick Sinchongco

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