More troops deployed in Samar vs NPA rebs

A RANKING military official yesterday said they have injected an additional battalion of Army troops in Samar province, a known stronghold of the communist New People’s Army (NPA).

The deployment of additional government troopers came following last month’s discovery and capture of a vital NPA camp in a remote village in San Jose De Buan town by Scout Rangers on a test mission.

“In this regard we must continue the momentum of the division operation relentlessly until we clear up that portion of the tri boundary of Samar provinces of NPA presence,” Army chief Lt. Gen. Arturo Ortiz told defense over phone patched briefing in Camp Aguinaldo.

The additional troops coming from the Army’s 8th Infantry Division (ID) will be deployed at the tri-boundary of Samar, Northern and Eastern Samar provinces.

“Pursuit and follow-up operations from the 8th ID is ongoing as of now and he have inserted an additional troops,” Ortiz said.

He said that engineering equipment such as chainsaw had been sent in the area to create a landing zone for helicopters, which would provide air lift and air support for troops running after the rebels.

Ortiz said that base on information from a former rebel, whose name was witheld for security reason, said the camp overrun by elite army scout rangers, belongs to the NPA’s national organization.

“It appears that this revelation is true condsidering that the documents and materials seized indicate that those possessing them are from the national level, thus the need to continue the momentum,” he said.

The Army chief said the former rebel, who is now cooperating with government forces, was once detailed as part of security of top NPA leaders in the area, whose security elements were composed of Ilocanos.

“Most of the security elements of more than 35 were Ilocanos. This group is different and distinct from the regional security force which he came from prior to his elevation to the national security group then,” Ortiz said.

Government troops were able to recover from the captured rebel camp five sets of electric generators, two M16 rifles and voluminous subversive documents describe to be of high-value of information.    Anthony Vargas

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