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Senator Lito Lapid says that had he had not been subjected to hard labor by poverty when he was young, he could have been grown taller by two more inches, similar to his father’s height of 5’ll.

Nino Mulach never grew any taller unlike his cousin Aga who entered show business only when he was already a teenager.

The truth is that Lapid was luckier because he had little or no books at all to carry when he was in elementary school, otherwise he could have reached only 5’7”.  During his time and because he grew up in the countryside, he was not burdened with heavy schoolbags containing books or erroneous contents.

The shorter Mulach studied in exclusive schools that could have contributed to his height and his early exposure to show business.

Child stars usually develop underdeveloped heights. Alma Moreno, Roderick Paulate, Bistek, Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and several other youngsters seemed to be lacking in height but they were towering in terms of accomplishments.

Heavy schoolbags, based on Lapid’s understanding of a scientific study done in Africa, of all places where the inhabitants are tall, retard the physical growth of children.

They do but a study must also be conducted to show the relationship between poor schoolchildren and their richer counterparts with regards to their heights.

In the provinces, books and teaching aids are hard to come by despite the billions of pesos the Department of Education (DepEd) spends or misspends.

Secretary Armin Luistro who came from the De La Salle University (DLSU), may deny allegations that the DepEd is tainted with corruption and acts of dishonesty but the truth is that there is no clear indication that something is being done to improve the image of the education department and its officials.

His idea of quality education is so expensive that it might only benefit DepEd officials and their suppliers. One such idea coming from Brother Armin is to lengthen a student’s stay in school by two more years.

Nice idea because it will redound to more books and more teaching aids poor parents must buy to finish high school.

Luisitro’s logic is stunningly insulting. I hope Congress will not declare Bro. Luisitro a persona non grata. Said he: “If we pass too many laws, nobody will believe in our laws anymore. I think a simple news item on this topic is enough.”

That was in reaction to Lapid’s proposed legislation to cut down the number of books inside a schoolbag.

My honest belief is that President Noynoy’s choice of his Cabinet lacks substance and form.
Lapid proposed that schools limit the maximum load of schoolbags to 15 percent of a student’s body weight..

Schools should provide weighing scales to implement this regulation. He also proposed that schools provide more lockers and buy thinner and lighter textbooks. Raul Valino

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