Phantom GM

What’s PNoy doing? It seems he is taking it out on executives of the previous administration.

What’s with the hasty decision of putting an officer-in-charge when his appointees never had the decency to talk with the frontline managers for a briefing?

Some are more competent than the new guys taking over. Take for example this undersecretary who reportedly has the biggest and most influential padrino ( sabi nila wala daw padrino. See my middle finger?) is reportedly spending too much time out of the office that operates 24/7! Good grief! Ano siya sikat?

Last I heard is that he is being wined and dined by suppliers in Europe. Sikat nga siguro si Phantom GM.


This should be what the Big Boss err Servant should text to his bungling bay mate. “ Pare, you failed the 90 million or so Filipinos and all you give me is a courtesy resignation? Can you make it irrevocable? ‘yun bang parang na-DQ ka or AD? Nakakahiya naman sa range officers and master. Will give you another post like Pres’l Adviser on Special Uneventful Affairs . Sori ha? Pareho tayo tatanga-tanga eh!”


I remember Dilg Usec Rico Puno’s ‘memorable’ appearance in the Senate hearing. That’s when his memory failed him on who paid him (payola? or) courtesy call.  Now he sent PNot a courtesy resignation letter. lf my memory serves me right, the brilliant Pareng Rico of my textmate forgot to sign and sent it to a forgetful …palace muchacho. 64KB siguro siya in the age of Gs.
Tomorrow is another day in the Senate.


Congratulations to the winners in the recently-concluded Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club 3rd Quarter Tournament.  Kudos to the hands-on CAGC General Manager  Col Rey Ochosa for the successful tourney last weekend. This low handicapper (in raffles) went home with an additional member of his ‘fans’ club. It was fun seeing those people you have not seen or eaten hotdog with in days.


For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Or maybe you can send it to the biggest OJT in the palace. They need a lot of info. Just pray na hindi siya tinatamad. Front Sight/ Dick Sinchongco

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