PNoy: Meek and subservient?

From the very start, President Noynoy had always been ambivalent in the eyes of many. He could no decide who was to be hired and who was to be fired.

In the recent bloody hostage-taking incident that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead, it took Noynoy and his Cabinet an agonizing day to react to the incident. Worse, nobody in his office wanted to receive frantic calls coming from the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Now that a fact-finding body he created has finished its report on the incident, he wanted to show it first to another sovereign government probably to make sure China would act favorably on it.

Rep. Edcel Lagman and Sen. Joker Arroyo are protesting but that’s very understandable. They belong to the camp of the former president, Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

But with the protest coming from House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II, you can believe the concern being aired by many.  The Palace move, Gonzales said, contravened the country’s sovereignty.

“Unless we consider ourselves part of the People’s Republic of China, why do we have to submit the report to the Chinese government ahead of the Filipinos?” Gonzales asked.

“Let our own agencies investigating it come out with their results. Whether it’s acceptable to the Chinese is beside the point. We can’t surrender our sovereignty. How sad that the Filipinos are being treated like this … We’re supposed to be an independent country. Supposing they disagree, do we have to change it?”

Subservience could be the word most apt to describe our very own President. He is just too eager to please China and Hong Kong, forgetting his own countrymen who should be the first to see the report and to look at it in a constructive way.

The government report itself could be contrary to truth and to fair play. Further, it tends to lay the blame on broadcast journalists who covered the incident.

“The President should share this to the Filipino people to whom he is responsible, without delay. We are entitled to know what the report is all about. If we defer to the Chinese government, why are we not deferring to the right of the people to know immediately the report?” asked Lagman.

Sen. Joker Arroyo also asked why Malacañang was too sensitive to the reaction of China and Hong Kong rather than the Filipinos’.“That should not be the case. If the truth is in the report, there is no reason why they should not release it immediately.”

Arroyo said that by its action, Malacañang could be looking to “correct” the report if China was not satisfied. “A report by an independent committee cannot be touched. I’m not saying they are doctoring it but it’s possible that they might rephrase certain passages so it could please China.” Raul Valino

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