Rape, physical abuse most common crime vs children

RAPE and physical abuses account for the most common criminal offenses committed against children during the first half of the year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported yesterday.

Figures from the PNP’s Women’s and Children Concerned Division (WCCD) revealed that from January 1 to the end of June this year, a total of 6,653 crimes-against-children Cases (CACCs) were recorded nationwide.

About 67 percent or 4,488 of these are sexually related offenses like rape, physical abuses, maltreatment or battering, child trafficking and kidnappings, the WCCD figures said.

Topping the list of criminal offense against children was physical abuses with 1991 cases. This is followed by the crime of rape with 1,801 (60 of these cases are incestuous rape).

While the rest of the reported CACCs or about 2,165 cases are considrered as violations of special laws for the protection of children.

Although the said figure may be high, the director of the WCCD, Chief Supt. Yolanda Tanigue, said the number of unreported criminal cases against children could be twice as high as that of the reported cases.

“What I am more concerned is those cases that are not reported to the police or any other authorities,” Tanigue said. “Unreported cases could be much higher than what he have now.”

When asked on why some CACCs are not reported to the authorities, she said: “Maybe because of our culture. They are ashamed that it they report any of these incidents, it could embarrass their family.”

She said among the unreported cases were incestuous rapes.

Tanigue said other family members or neighbors who have knowledge of such crimes should report them to authorities.

“This is the reason why we need to arm the community of certain knowledge that they can help children who are victims of CACCs even if her or his own family refuses to report any incident,” she said.

The police official said that they have already task all WCCD desk in all police stations to go down and imerse in the community where they are located and conduct an information drive that they can help reporting CACC’s.

“Our WCCD personnel are trained to handle these kind of sensitve cases. All what we need now is the help of the community,” Tanigue said.

Aside from rape and physical abuses, the other CACC’s reported for the same period are acts of lasciviousness with 527, attempted rape with 144, child trafficking with 41, kidnappings with 17 and 27 other cases.

Based on the figure the Western Visayas region has the most number of CACCs reported with 751, followed by Central Visayas with 578, third is Metro Manila with 545 and next is Region 11 with 456. Anthony Vargas

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