Tamad at pasan krus

When PNoy declared weeks back that jueteng eradication is not his priority, that probably sent signals to his boys to prioritize making money on jueteng. Archbishop Oscar Cruz came out with a bombshell that two PNoy officials are on the take on the illegal numbers game.

When asked for comment, the palace asked the bishop to give them names and information.

Good grief! Hoy tamad na muchacho! Work! You have the PNPIG, ISAFP, G2,N2, A2, NICA at their disposal and you still ask Bishop Cruz for info? What are they doing? Are these people fit or not?  Hats off to Bishop Cruz for being a consistent “pasang krus” to any administration.

President Noynoy has appointed DDG Raul Bacalzo as the new PNP chief to replace early retiree DG Jesus Verzosa. A lot of people simply couldn’t wait for the unlamented ex-PNP chief to go. They say his career is untainted by brilliance.

My good friend PhilipLustre Jr. sent this yesterday. “Jessica Soho should know that no amount of revision in their ethics manual will do if Mike Enriquez continues to do anchoring works. Mike is a nervous wreck, who tends to over-exaggerate the reporting of any event, whether it’s hostage taking or a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mike and his co-workers should moderate their shrieking voices because they tend to create national panic.
Reporting is not noise-making.” Right pal. Sometimes when I accidentally stray into their channel, I always make sure I hit the mute button.

For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Or maybe you can send it to the biggest OJT in the palace. They need a lot of info. Just pray na hindi siya tinatamad. Dick Sinchongco

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