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The nation celebrated recently the Grand Parents Day with a big bang.

Centers of the celebrations were the ancestral homes where the grandparents usually live.

But in the cities and urban areas grandparents were treated to lunch or dinner at malls or nearby tourist resorts by their children with grandkids in tows.
There were also story-telling activities for little kids hosted by the honorees as they strolled down memory lane specially during the time society still followed the “golden rule”  and not “the rule of gold” as we observed it widely today.

The occasion was an opportune time for the grandkids to reach out for the grandparents to shower them with love and affection.

In the Philippines, grandparents love their children but they love their grandkids more being the living proofs of their immortality. In death, grandparents continue to live through them and their descendants for generation to generation.

Incidentally, whoever cooked up the idea of setting aside a day of the year to honor mothers, fathers and grandparents is a business genius. Driven by profit, the celebrations of these special days are supported by the businessmen to increase demand for goods and services which they provide. Just the same, the importance or significance of these festivities are not diminished by profit motive.


Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Venus Raj gave a good answer at the interview portion of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held recently in Las Vegas USA. Otherwise she could not have won the fourth place in the beauty tilt. Asked what was  the greatest mistake she committed in life and how did she overcome it, the Bicolana beauty said: “That’s what I really wanted to tell everyone. I never made any big mistakes. I encountered challenges in my life but never consider them mistakes…


By the way, there are people who wear sweet smile, dry smile, mechanical smile as in the case of Pilipino folk dancers at their performances and ready or half-smile made famous by President Noynoy when he visited recently the site of bloody hostage-taking incident in front of Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park, killing eight Hong Kong Chinese tourists and the hostage-taker.

Some Hong Kong people who rarely smile had resented the half-smile mannerism of P-Noy as sign of disrespect to those who were killed in the canard.

We see in the smile debate a cultural issue. Pilipinos express their emotions through different smiles which include smile of desperation and sadness, something unacceptable to the Chinese even at wakes or at the scene of the crime.


Sharon Cuneta, the megastar, has recently launched her three new shows with ABS-CBN  titled Sharon at Home, Star Power and the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition to replace her Sunday tv show Sharon. This proves her amazing staying power against all odds: age, bodily size and weight. Her inner beauty transcends all barriers one can imagine because the bottom line is still talents.

Talking of being overweight and oversize, in the Middle East and Africa the measure of woman’s real beauty lies in her size and weight. The more she has extra fat and extra weight in her body the more she becomes beautiful and attractive to everyone and doubly desirable to men.

We saw the famous marble statue from ancient Greece of Venus de Milo, goddess of beauty and love among Romans, at the Louvre, the world’s largest museum when we visited Paris, France years ago. To our surprise we saw in Venus an image of a plump or round woman by our standard today who may not even qualify as candidate in any prestigious international beauty contest.

It goes to show that the bottom line remains what William Shakespeare said: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.


The “sociology of grabbing” has now reached our country as incidents of crimes against property has reached an alltime  high.

Robberies and thefts, holdups, hijackings of motor vehicle and kidnapings for ransom are almost daily occurence executed even in broad daylight with participation, in many cases, by police authorities, making our citizenry more  fearful of cops than of criminals.

This is an immediate problem faced by Director General Raul Bacalzo as he assumed command of 130,000 strong Philippine National Police recently.

But the biggest challenge the new PNP chief faces is the “marching orders” of P-Noy to him and the entire force: “Walk straight  path”, in the midst of allegations of irregularities in the purchase of PNP supplies, unresolved killings of political activists and  media professionals, human rights violations, and jueteng payolas involving officers and officials.

To comply with P-Noy’s directive, Bacalzo has hit the nail right on the head, so to speak, when he enforced “one srike policy” for police officers and officials linked to illegal numbers game.

It means anyone of them found  guilty of collaborating with jueteng syndicate operators in his place of assignment will be dismissed from his post. The liability can go as far as regional director.

Bacalzo himself has been accused of getting jueting payoffs by jueteng whistleblower Sandra Cam, which Bacalzo strongly denied and P-Noy readily brushed aside as baseless.

With this development, it appears, it does not have to take a thief to catch a thief. Bacalzo can do it his way, as Frank Sinatra would have said it. Cornelio “Mang Kune” de Guzman

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