What is truth?

Only the Supreme Court can decide what is truth and what is not, whether the SC is telling the truth or not.

The creation of a Truth Commission is absolutely unnecessary. Already, it is being questioned by sectors that are not necessarily allied with the Noynoy Aquino administration. In the end, it will only be the judiciary that will determine which is truth or not, and which is fact.

The Truth Commission may end up like the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) that President Cory Aquino had created to investigate the money said to had been stolen by the Marcos family.

Many PCGG executives and agents amassed wealth, spending the people’s money in gambling and other vices.

Some, particularly former President Erap Estrada, had charged that ex-chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. hid the truth when he proclaimed Vice President Gloria Arroyo as the new President during Edsa II.

Finding the truth is as hard as finding who the masterminds were of the assassination of former Senator Ninoy Aquino, or who ordered the killing of Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna.

Many of the guardians of truth, namely the lawyers, the prosecutors, the judges and the justices, cannot be trusted in upholding the truth for a number of reasons, among them money, friendship and relatives.

What is truth, Pontius Pilate asked. The truth was that he found Jesus innocent of the crime but the sad truth was that he ordered Jesus crucifixion because a handful of Jews gathered by the church of that time demanded He be killed.

That is what the Davide Truth Commission might erroneously consider when its members start probing the crimes of Gloria et al.

Ordinarily, persons accused of wrongdoings are brought to the fiscal’s office and later to a court, or to a police station. If some, maybe many people believe Rep. Gloria committed a crime, she should be hailed to the courts where she could face her accusers.

If a judge feels that he/she may stand to benefit from it, like being promoted to a higher position or to make money out of it, he/she can make his/her truth and jail the accused.

That is the truth. But there are also truths about lawyers, prosecutors, judges and justices that are incorruptible. These truths, however, are few and far between, if we believe this kind of truth.

Davide was tasked to head the Truth Commission, the panel that will investigate the anomalies during the 9-year term of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.The other members of the commission are: former SC Justices Romeo Callejo, Sr. and Flerida Ruth Romero, and Ateneo professors Carlos Medina, Jr. and Menardo Guevarra.

Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez said. “it would be best if the executive order of President Noynoy is not implemented in the meantime.” A case of justice delayed is justice denied?  Raul Valino

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