Which is better, paper or plastic?

LATELY, there’s a lot of buzz on the plan of Land Transportation Office (LTO) to issue driver’s licenses using paper as basic material instead of the present one which is made of plastic.

Opponents of the project are having a field day lambasting LTO Chief Virginia Torres over what they described as a “step backward” by the agency for its plan to issue a paper driver’s license.

But Assistant Secretary Torres was quick to clarify that the proposed license is not mere paper as the opponents of the project would like the public to believe.

She qualified that the proposed new license card is paper- based but it will be more durable, flexible, secure and more environment- friendly than the current one which is made of plastic.

“I want to stress that we will be moving forward and not backward as some who are against the project would want to make it appear. The bidding would be clear and transparent so that there will be no doubts on its outcome “Torres was quoted as saying.

She was also particularly proud of the license’s new security features which she described as fool-proof thus it will help eliminate the proliferation of fake driver’s license which is commonly known as “talahib”.

“As it is, the planned new driver’s license will be more flexible and is not brittle. Likewise, it will have security features like holograms to ensure its integrity and only the intended user would be able to use it” she pointed out.

She is highly optimistic that the new driver’s license would effectively lead to the stop of the proliferation of counterfeit driver’s license cards because of its embedded security features.

“I think the manufacturers of fake license cards would have a hard time with these new licensed cards and surely they would eventually run out of business” she stressed.

Earlier, some prospective bidders particularly All Visuals and Lights Systems Inc., has aired concerns the move goes against the global trend of using plastic cards for drivers’ licenses.

The LTO chief said that one of the primary considerations in the change of materials was the mounting complaint by the public that the present driver’s license appears to fade easily thus making the picture and information contained therein harder to read and understand.

Given the said solid arguments, I think it’s about time that we make a change even as we look forward that the new license would stop the proliferation of fake licenses which is one of the primary reasons of many fatal road accidents in the country.

An untrained and unlicensed driver could surely make life a mess for those competent drivers out in the streets. BOBBY RICOHERMOSO

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