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Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has expressed exasperation on why the country’s various law enforcement agencies have continuously failed to locate/find fugitive Sen. Panfilo Lacson who is wanted by law for the November 24, 2000 Dacer-Corbito double murder case.

De Lima, in an interview, said she is embarrassed why Philippine authorities have failed to locate the Senator who left the country last January 5 on the premise that he won’t get justice from the Arroyo government.

It has been four months now since Sen. Lacson’s perceived ally, former Sen. Noynoy Aquino took his oath as the country’s president, but the former has not yet resurfaced or sent surrender feelers.

“The question now is he out of the country or is he still inside? With everything that has been done, the (Interpol) red notice, cancellation of passports, coordinating with the authorities abroad, nothing,” De Lima said.

Many observers say there is really no sincere efforts on the part of the country’s law enforcement agencies like the PNP and the NBI to go get him unless a “reasonable” amount of prize tag is put up for his capture.

The Manila regional trial court has issued an order for his arrest for his alleged involvement in the November 2000 murders of public relations man Salvador Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.

Through his lawyer, the senator challenged the lower court’s order before the Court of Appeals. The CA, however, threw out his appeal.

The fugitive Senator, since he left, had been able to “officially” sign the cash disbursement papers of his office at the Senate that caught the attention of the Commission on Audit that prompted Senate leaders to temporarily close his office.

The question Justice Secretary De Lima should ask the NBI and the PNP is how did the Senator managed to sign his office’s disbursement papers and who are his office’s  personnel that brought the documents to be signed personally by him.


A lawmaker from Surigao del Sur has filed a bill seeking to abolish the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to pave the way for the for the establishment of three military schools for the army, navy and air force.

In filing House Bill 1090, Surigao del Sur first district Rep. Philip Pichay said the bill intends to lessen or eradicate “the baneful effects of the mistah system in the military and police organizations.”

He said this would thwart military adventurism from the ranks of the PMA who, under the guise of serving the people’s interest, launched moves subverting the very democracy they purport to uphold.

With the PNP already having their Philippine National Police Academy, Pichay suggested the creation of the Philippine Army Military Academy (PAMA), the Philippine Air force Military Academy (PAFMA) and the Philippine Naval Military Academy (PNMA) as military training schools for officers of the major service commands of the AFP.

Pichay’s proposal could be noble, but I think this would become one of those “suntok sa buwan” bills in Congress because of funding problems, now that the Aquino government has reduced the funds appropriations for state universities and colleges.

Second, the recruitment scheme he proposed for said schools seems to be questionable since those to be recruited needs only a two-year college course (72) units and said academies shall only conduct a two-year military course in order for them to graduate.

If such kind of recruitment would be made for our country’s future military officers, I think we will be having troubles and big problems in the future.

Graduates from the PMA stay with their mistahs for four years and yet many of them still become unruly, troublesome and sometimes engage in adventurism while in service.

If our future officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force will not have the four-year friendships and camaraderie they experienced at the PMA, it would be a “kanya-kanyang biyahe and bata-bata system” among them when they reach the top level of command at the AFP.


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