Bishops’ threat just a boast

Bishop Nereo Odchimar, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said last week excommunication was “a possibility” that could face President Aquino III if he would continue to actively promote the “free” distribution of contraceptives.

Then, he retreated. He said he was misquoted by media and announced his “clarificatory” statement of denial to say such a sanction was not being contemplated by the CBCP.

His secretary-general, Msgr. Juanito Figura, a civil disobedience in protest of Aquino’s reproductive health bill sponsored by the United Nations (UN) was a moral option the CBCP and the Catholic Church are considering.

Figura may not know that civil disobedience is a criminal act and anybody who wants to pursue such illegal act may be imprisoned.

Carlos Celdran, dressed like Jose Rizal, carried a placard bearing the name Padre Damaso while the bishops were having a meeting at the Manila Cathedral. He was promptly jailed by the police on complaint of the bishops.

Padre Damaso was the immoral priest who raped Maria Clara in one of the novels of Rizal. Odchimar may or may not also know that the Catholic hierarchy frowns on excommunication because it was also used by bishops and other priestly leaders to harass Catholics they don’t like.

In the present century, those who have so far been excommunicated were, by all people, members of the clergy, many of them bishops and fake priests: Xavier Eubra de Borja excommunicated by Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of the diocese of Cubao in the Philippines. De Borja untruthfully claimed to be an ordained priest when he was a layman even offering Mass and hearing confessions. The excommunication was declared June 2, 2010 according to UCA News 18 June 2010.
Eduardo Aguirre, Guatemalan Catholic priest.

Emmanual Milingo, former archbishop of Lusaka for consecrating four bishops without the papal mandate.

The Community of the Lady of All Nations for heretical teachings and beliefs after a six-year investigation. The declaration was announced by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on September 12, 2007.

Rev. Dale Fushek (also laicized by Pope Benedict XVI 02/2010) and Rev. Mark Dippre. Former priests were issued a Decree of Excommunication by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted  for operating “an opposing ecclesial community” in direct disobedience to orders to refrain from public ministry.

Father Marek Bozek and the lay parish board members of St. Stanislaus Kostika Church in St. Louis, Missouri in December 2005.

Margtaret McBride, a nun excommunicated for allowing abortion she alleged was medically necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

Rev Vernon Meyer was excommunicated by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix for participation in the ordination of Elaine Groppenbacher. Meyer was advised of the excommunication on 17 September 2010. Raul Valino

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