CBCP wants to ‘hostage’ Pnoy

A lot of people had been angered by the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines ’ (CBCP’s) threat to excommunicate and launch a civil disobedience campaign against President Noynoy Aquino for signifying his support for couples who would want to limit the number of their children by using contraceptives.

What Noynoy is espousing is responsible parenthood, the freedom of choice of every couple, married or not, in spacing their children and helping the government’s campaign to curb overpopulation.

Is it immoral for couples to use contraceptives and pills for birth control and prevent unwanted pregnancies that occur and affects mainly the poor sector of the Philippine society?

Using its might like a well-organized and well-funded syndicate, the Catholic Church is out to derail the Reproductive Health Bill pending deliberation and approval by Congress, threatening to get back on sitting Presidents and lawmakers by campaigning against them, election time or not.

By doing so, the CBCP leaders are blackmailing or taking hostage President Noynoy and other pro-RH bills leaders for their stance on the issue. It’s high time that Pnoy and the leaders of Congress defy the CBCP and think of the future of the Filipinos by curbing overpopulation that results to poverty and starvation.


The CBCP, said to be an emerging group of clerico-fascists wants to impose to all Filipinos their thoughts on reproductive health, contraceptives and other forms of birth control, responsible parenthood, among others. But 95 percent of them had not had sex, have no children, and have not become parents. Talk of speaking and advocating something they know little of?

Didn’t they know, or are they just blind, to the fact that malnutrition, starvation, poverty, lack of medical and educational services, environment pollution, and underdevelopment are aggravated by excessive number of people, particularly in third world countries like the Philippines ?

In the Philippines , there are 15 Roman Catholic Cathedrals and 43 other big churches which impose “fixed fees” in their every undertaking like the so-called KBL – kasal, binyag, libing – for the rich and the poor. What they receive they don’t give you back. You got no choice, you have to pay and there is no exemption. It’s tax-free. If you don’t, you go to hell.


Over the millennium, the Roman Catholic Churches all over the world had accumulated colossal amount of tax-free wealth – invested in banks, real estate, buildings, schools and other income-generating endeavors. And yet, these riches are not brought back to the people, specially the poor, whom they squeeze money from.

Do the Church-owned schools like the Ateneo, University of Sto . Tomas and La Salle cater to the poor but deserving Filipinos?  No, they do not. They cater only to the rich who can or who could probably afford to “buy” their way to heaven.


Yes, the Roman Catholic Church hoards its wealth and preaches about giving.  But they do not give you, you always give to them. Yes, they do not practice what they preach.

I was born and raised and still is a practicing Roman Catholic. But with the Church’s frequent intervention in politics, governance and other issues that should be out of their province, me, like many Filipinos have become disenchanted and disillusioned over our Church leaders.

They always speak about morality. But they always cover up for the immoralities perpetrated by their peers and bosses, those who bear children with their parishioners and those engaged in pedophilia and other sexual offenses.

I fear God and like everybody else, I pray that my soul would go to heaven when I die. But when, God forbid, I see and meet those erring priests and Bishops in hell, I would bury them all deeper from where I am.


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