Dept. of Intrigues & Lords of Games

DILG Usec Rico Puno is going deeper into his silly foxhole of trouble with the way he keeps opening his loudmouth. He tagged DILG Sec Jesse Robredo and four others in President Noynoy’s circle in a hatchet job against him.  The palace has ordered the self-confessed ‘eyes and ears’ of the president to show proof on the conspiring factions’ plot.

Is he going to show solid proof? I doubt. It will be just like his ‘memorable’ senate appearance on the jueteng payoffs when his memory crashed and forgot all the relevant information. Or will this be another moro-moro by the palace.

Palace officials are busy trying to fool us by quashing rumors of petty turf wars in the new administration and here comes Puno with a shotgun statement that makes his fellow officials look like bungling amateur liars.

I think the sooner Puno finds out what is meant by an irrevocable resignation the better for PNoy. We know he is agonizing over this and the least his friends could do is save him all the troubles and not cause it. As for Robredo, sources say, his citizenship will cause more troubles.


What we see here is the lack of people with political savvy and maturity advising the president. Look at his appointees. Some are sheer embarrassments. We’re not belittling the presidential sisters who had a hand in the search committee but what experience and credentials do they have in the selection process?  One of the most trusted in the circle is also bungling in judgments.  Well, let’s give them another 100 days.


Congratulations to Ang Dating Daan  on their 30th year of preaching the gospel worldwide. Kudos to Brother  Eliseo Soriano for the leadership. Broadcaster Daniel Razon led the tree-planting activities yesterday.

It is everybody’s fervent wish for all religious groups and leaders to peacefully co-exist.


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