Did presidential sister Ballsy spill the beans?

The appeal made by presidential sister Ballsy Aquino-Cruz to the public to give her only brother, President Benigno Aquino III, the time and space to go out on dates with some female friends is a big revelation to us.

It, in effect, confirmed the rumors that Mr. Aquino and Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad, his girlfriend of around two years, have really called it quits.

Otherwise, why should the elder sister of bachelor President Aquino would express her hope that the public would let him, even for just once a month, to go out on a date with woman other than his girlfriend Shalani?  That would be improper is it not?

Ballsy’s exact statement: “As a bachelor, he cannot help but be in the company of some female friends, although I know that rarely happens now a days”.

Now a question poses itself, What prompted Mrs. Cruz to make a public request?  Was it because our bachelor head of state is lonely after he and the konsehala broke up?

The President is currently being linked to his fashion stylist Liz Yu.  Both of them have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Being a public figure and a President of a republic at that Mr. Aquino attracts public attention wherever he goes.

So, our unsolicited advice to the Aquinos is for His Excellency to go out dates incognito by wearing a signature wig, mustache, round-rimmed eyeglasses, if not a shade.

However, if he wants to keep his real identity, he can date in private resorts which are many around the country; organize a small party among his female friends in one of luxurious condotels somewhere in Pasig; or go on weekend night cruise on board a borrowed yacht around Manila Bay or better still hold a small dinner party at his residence inside Malacañang Complex.

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We laud Immigration officer-in-charge Ronald Ledesma for being creative and innovative for establishing a BI (Bureau of Immigration) I.D system for arriving and departing air passenger.

“The bureau needs to come up with a more economical and efficient mode of retrieving and encoding the data in the cards without entering into contract with private companies that only tend to create controversies and problems for the bureau”, Ledesma said.

Recall that he last week the Department of Justice (DOJ) ordered the cancellation of the BI’s contract with e.Xtend Inc., the firm that produces the cards distributed by BI to travelers who enter and leave the country.

The contract was revoked by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima after advertisement of the clinic with photograph of its owner celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicky Belo appeared on the card.

Earlier, e.Xtend Inc. placed the picture of President Aquino on the card, which was pulled out  of circulation upon his order.

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Malacañang has recently dismissed as non-threatening the alleged destabilization plot against the Aquino administration by a group calling itself the Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4)

The group allegedly composed of former political toes and allies of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is styling itself as an anti-Aquino opposition.

Reports have it, that the group is just waiting for the right time where they can step in the replace the Aquino government which they consider too close to the limited state government.

The surfacing of this group did not surprise us at all.  It is a refrain from an old song.  As Malacañang rightly put it: “Just like in past administrations there were group who would always declare their dissatisfaction or destabilization to regain lost political and economic powers.

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As we end another week today, let us share with you:  a spiritually enriching message from Dr. Allen “Work for a cause not for applause.  Live life to express not to impress.  Don’t strive to make your presence noticed just make your absence felt and one sure way to have a nice day is by cleansing our hearts.  So there must be: no bitterness, no hatred, no anger, no fear.  Therefore enjoy: a heart that never hardens, a temper that never rises, a touch that never hurts and a love that never dies, God above has all these for you. Cornelio R. de Guzman

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