It’s a girl for second ‘Morong 43’ mom

MA. MERCEDES “Mercy” Castro, one of the “Morong 43” moms just gave birth yesterday, October 18, to a baby girl thru caesarian section at the Philippine General Hospital.

“We are happy that despite all the suffering and injustice Mercy and Morong 43 endured, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. We hope that she and her child will no longer be threatened of being separated out of an unjust and illegal detention,” said Dr. Julie Caguiat, spokesperson of the Free the Morong 43 Health Workers Alliance.

“We maintain our call that Mercy Castro be immediately released not just because of humanitarian reasons but because of the prolonged injustice against her and the Morong 43 collectively,” Caguiat said.

Castro reportedly had a delicate pregnancy because of her asthma coupled with the eight-month detention.
During her pregnancy, she has been denied pre-natal check-up twice.

Castro is the second detainee to give birth among the Morong 43.  Earlier, Judilyn Oliveros also gave birth at the PGH where she now remains under hospital detention as she breastfeeds her child.

“We expect that the Aquino administration and the court gives due recognition of this fact and allow Castro to recover and take care of her child, just like Judilyn Oliveros and just like every mother should,” Caguiat said.

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