Jinggoy a presidential timber

IT may sound too early but at least I could say I’d be the first to broach it but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has floated this idea. Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada, whether he likes it or not, is poised to face the world in the next few years as a presidential timber regardless as to who will go against him. With the infamous ex-first lady and now Rep. Imelda Marcos who already gave hints about her only son, Senator Bongbong Marcos, gunning for the highest post of the land his father had held almost for keeps had it not been for the People Power revolt in 1986, the next presidential derby would be between the two sons of the two former presidents of the Republic. It’s pretty exciting.

On one hand, Vice President Jojo Binay’s given quest to reach the zenith of his political life might be shelved though, of course, he can still pursue it as he’s incontrovertibly qualified for the post. But I insist it would be a toss-up between Bongbong and Jinggoy, the son of equally  popular ex-President Erap. The two sons are destined to be set against each other but there must be only one and I go for Jinggoy.

The people’s acceptance became evident this early as what transpired during the successful induction ceremonies of the Camanava Press Corps held at the Manila Pavilion last Friday of which yours truly is the president wherein applause reigns over as I introduced him being the guest of honor as the “next president of the Republic of the Philippines.”

Humble as he is, Jinggoy would only return with a trademark grin similar to his father’s as he went on with his prepared speech that delved more on measures he initiated before the Upper Chamber all designed for the welfare of the Fourth Estate. Not contented, Jinggoy even promised National Press Club President Jerry Yap as well as ex-NPC president and now Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamahayag head Benny Antiporda, who both graced the affair, financial support to the NPC though it’ll materialize only with a memorandum of agreement, say, with a local government chief executive with whom Jinggoy will course through the funds in the whopping amount of P300, 000 before it’s handed to the NPC leadership.

Camanava Press gets the same gesture but not that amount of course. That’s great.

By the way, both Jerry and my Kumpare (Benny) deserve not just a pat on the back as they have been obliging all these years to the needs of the club members and non-members as well. They are frequently seen in the streets with NPC officers and members whenever there are issues that directly and indirectly affect the well-being of every journalist. They never get tired making statements whenever there are issues that would hurt our interests. That’s the real leaders!

And that’s the brand of leadership Jinggoy is indubitably possessing. I said it because I knew him for years which I am thankful about that I had the opportunity to work with him as media relations and public information officer when he was mayor of San Juan. And am very willing too to work with him again that’s when fate would be good to him.

After years being together in San Juan, I didn’t have chance to see and talk with Jinggoy anymore but I keep a close watch at him like most of us do over the years especially now that he’s at the Senate where he indomitably excels. I could not really help but admire him much. He is unstoppable. He always makes himself present and active on committee hearings, inquiries, at the session hall, on TV, on radio and gatherings especially with the poor. He’s certainly omnipresent.

Really, like father like son. When Erap became a movie actor, he also became a movie actor and they both obtained numerous acting awards. When Erap became mayor, Jinggoy did too. What his father did not achieve however was when Jinggoy became vice mayor. On the other hand, Jinggoy didn’t make it when his father became Vice President but when Erap became senator, he also followed his footsteps as what he’s right now. Erap became President of the Republic and that’s Jinggoy will become in the near future. Wanna bet? Arlie Calalo

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