Lawmaker pushes for PMA abolition

A LAWMAKER yesterday moved to abolish the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to pave the way for the establishment of three separate military schools for the army, navy and air force.

In filing Hose Bill 1090, Surigao del Sur Rep. Philip Pichay said the measure intends to lessen or eradicate “the baneful effects of the ‘mistah’ system in the military and police organizations.”

“It is ironic that military adventurists came from the ranks of the Philippine Military Academy, the top institution tasked to mold officers who should be at the forefront of defense against constitutional adversaries,” Pichay said.

“Not a few uniformed men and women, under the guise of serving the people’s interest, launched destabilizing moves subverting the very democracy they purport to uphold,” the lawmaker added.

Pichay cited that the police organization has its own Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), which was created on August 26, 1977 by Presidential Decree 1184 or the “INP Personnel Professionalization Law of 1977.”

He said the proposed Philippine Army Military Academy (PAMA), the Philippine Air force Military Academy (PAFMA) and the Philippine Naval Military Academy (PNMA) will be created as the military training schools for officers of the major service commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“The measure intends to establish separate academies that would shape the men and women who would eventually lead the major services of the AFP without sacrificing the quality of future officers,” Pichay said.

Under the bill, the three academies will provide a two-year officer course that offers academic and training needs of all of the three major services command.

It requires applicants to finish a two-year college course equivalent to 72 units. An applicant must be between 19 and 21 years old at the time his entry at the academy. D’jay Lazaro

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