Man rapes carabao

LORD, what’s happening to this beautiful land?

While priests, bishops and politicians debate on the morality of using contraceptives, a man in the town of Esperanza, Agusan del Sur, was reported to have raped and killed a carabao.

A hunt is ongoing for the man who, according to residents of Sitio Batak in the village of San Toribio, sexually assaulted the animal. The report said the townsfolk were outraged upon seeing traces of semen on the carabao.

The report said a caretaker saw a man holding a knife shortly before the remains of the brutalized animal was discovered. Witnesses claimed seeing the man on top of the animal before fleeing.

Police reports said the carabao sustained hack wounds and blood was found on the animals’ genitals. When the farm owner learned what happened to his carabao he ordered it killed and its genitals examined.

What worse incidents can happen next? Last year, reports said somebody in Iloilo province raped a chicken. A follow-up report later said the chicken died.

Some foreign journalist friends recently sent me emails asking whether we have no other stories to report except priests distributing condoms in the province of Cebu, bishops threatening the president of excommunication and civil disobedience and tour guides protesting inside churches.

What other stories indeed? What other stories than the poverty people continue to experience despite the government’s promise to end the suffering of the poor? What other stories can we offer except poor women committing suicide because they could not feed their children or fetuses left on church courtyards with a five-centavo coin and a rosary.

We once thought that we only find these stories in the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or other Latin American writer or in the movies of some creative Filipino director. Unfortunately there’s no need for us to go to the movies to enjoy these “abnormalities” of nature. We need to only read the headlines and watch television newscasts.

We wonder what pushed the man to go after the carabao. Is it because the Church said prostitutes are sinners, the use of condom immoral and we may face the fires of hell if we fornicate with our neighbors? Maybe the man thought that there’s nothing wrong with doing it with the carabao or the chicken because he never heard the priest preaching about it in Church.

There’s more to the 100 days of Noynoy than the debate on reproductive health. There’s more to the Philippine situation than aid and grants from the United States. There is something really wrong with the situation more than all the stories we read and hear from the media. There is something wrong with a people who are so desperate with life to hostage tourists, protest inside a church, or even rape a carabao or a chicken. Joe Torres

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