NBI releases sketch of second suspect in bar exam blast

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has released an artist’s sketch of the second suspect in the Sept. 29 blast in front of De La Salle University that left more than 40 people injured.

The second suspect, who reportedly pointed a .45 caliber pistol at the group of men who mobbed grenade-thrower Anthony Nepomuceno, was described as fair-complexioned, about 23-24 years old, between 5’7” and 5’9” in height and stocky.

The still-unnamed suspect, who was believed to be also a member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, reportedly poked his gun at the group of Jojo del Rosario that was ganging up on Nepomuceno.

Del Rosario, president of the Grand Council of Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho), confirmed results of an investigation that his fraternity brod, Jed Carlo Lazaga, was not the grenade-thrower.

He said Lazaga, a fourth-year law student of the University of San Jose Recoletos School of Law in Cebu, is his fraternity brod.

The probe identified culprit as Nepomuceno, who eventually surfaced before the NBI to deny any participation in the blast.

NBI spokesman Special Investigator IV Cecilio Zamora Jr., however, insisted that there is a strong case against Nepomuceno and the gun-wielding suspect.

Nepomuceno was charged on Thursday with multiple frustrated murder and multiple attempted murder by the NBI at the Department of Justice (DoJ) in connection with the blast.

The NBI claimed that Nepomuceno was tagged as the one who lobbed the MK2 fragmentation grenade, based on the testimonies of several witnesses including a female law student, a pedicab driver and an eatery owner. Jing Villamente

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