Noynoy & his friends

President Noynoy has just got too many friends, too many for comfort.

To the victors belong the spoils of the last presidential elections but the victors happen to be limited to friends of Noynoy and those of his immediate family, that’s when the heartaches of the nation begin.

The President boomed: “Kayo ang boss ko!” It looked like it was a boomerang. The real bosses are, the people soon found out, were the President’s circle of friends whose varied agenda do not seem to jive with the nation’s common interests and aspirations..

They do not seem to share the same vision of Noynoy to make life less difficult for people who are less endowed.

Friends, true friends, for that matter, would be the first to decline employment favors from their employer-friends. But look at them. They are clinging to their positions despite their perceived ineffectiveness in governing their respective their own turfs.

And that’s the problem because Noynoy himself would not fire them on account of his closeness to them, forgetting that the real friends of Noynoy are the people who voted for him.

A case in point is the series of legal miscalculations of the President’s battery of lawyers. Marbel Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez said the President should hire better legal advisers so that he could make sound decisions in the coming days.

“He has very, very few people around him,” Gutierrez said in a weekly forum hosted by the Catholic Media Network in Intramuros, Manila, last Tuesday.

According to Gutierrez, Noynoy only has Executive Secretary Pacquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr., his longtime legal adviser and Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Eduardo de Mesa to provide him counsel.

“It makes people ask what kind of government we have because each of its decision is being questioned,” the bishop pointed out. “That means that they are not being reflective of the feelings, aspirations and wants of the people.”

Then, he suggested that Ochoa and De Mesa “study more and pray more” so they could effectively guide Aquino and craft sound orders for him.

“It’s not good if there are only two of them… I would say that they should take in more people because many would be better, Gutierrez suggested..

“I ask everybody to please pray for Mr. Aquino. We want to him to stay there because for one thing, he is really very honest and you don’t get that kind of person very often,” said Gutierrez.

One of the directives being challenged in the Supreme Court was Mr. Aquino’s Executive Order No. 1, creating the Philippine Truth Commission, which would investigate reports of graft and corruption during the nine-year presidency of Ms. Arroyo.

Also being invalidated are Executive Order No. 2 and Executive Order No. 3, which revoked the midnight appointments of Arroyo and her directive automatically giving government lawyers the rank of career executive service officer (CESO) III, respectively. Raul Valino

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