Priest hits 12-year basic education cycle

AN official of the Catholic Church’s Commission on Migrant and Itinerant People expressed opposition to the 12-year basic education program proposed by the Education department saying it may cause more problems to parents, especially for those working abroad.

Father Edwin Corros said the plan means parents will have to work more and prolong their stay abroad and separation from their families.

“That’s an additional burden to overseas Filipino workers,” Corros said.

The Church commission has been calling on the government to create more jobs in the country to prevent Filipinos from working abroad and be separated from their families.

Although recognizing the 12-year basic education program is aimed at improving the education system, Corros said its impact on OFWs will not be good.

“Even the present education system is already hard for them… what more if they will add (more years in basic education),” said Corros.

The Department of Education on Tuesday bared the government’s plan to add two more years to the current 10-year basic education curriculum despite protests from various sectors.

The Teachers Dignity Coalition said that while they support goals of improving the education system, the government must initially solve the shortage of the current education system, particularly classrooms, textbooks, and even the number of teachers. RT Monitoring

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