Restructuring of Pilipino mine-set needed

We have been a journalist since we were a teenager and it is only now we begin to reexamin the wisdom of advesarial journalism as we have embraced it so blindly.

Our practice of daily meditation gives us a wider view of the practice of our profession, and the right perspective on what the role of the press in society should be.

As we experience blissful silence while transcending our physical plane of existence to enter into another field of life where there is no time and space, where there is no activity buy pure silence, we stumbled upon the truth that negative thoughts yield negative effects.

It was during transcending into the deepest level of the mind where the mind is not thinking we came to know the destructive side or effects of negative mind and the infinite value of positive thoughts.

We came to know also that confontational journalism is counter productive as evidenced by Philippine experience. Instead of growing, we degenerate. Instead of expanding and strenghtening our economy, we stood still.

Our truth as we perceived it tells us that what we urgently need today is positive journalism in critical cooperation with the government.

Adversarial journalism practiced by Pilipino revolutionaries led by Dr. Jose P. Rizal and Marcelo H. del Pilar had outlived its usefulness and made irrelevant after regaining our Independence on July 4, 1946.

What we need today is unanimity of thought in pursuing our economic development goals with the support and cooperation of  the four media with their positive editorial policies. Criticism should be allowed only within, and not withot, our democratic system of government and way of life.

We are fully convinced that there is connection between negative media, collective negative consciousness and under-development. The reason is simple. Negative thoughts yield negative things and situatuions. In the same manner, positive thoughts create positive things.

Physics, the study of physical laws, tells us that likes attract each other and unlikes repeal each other. Are not birds of the same feathers flock together?

We hold that since our media today engage largely in the dissemination of what is negative in us, they contribute significantly to the present state of economic under-development, social unrest, violence, hopelessness, instability, and moral decay.

While this is true in the larger scale, it is also true in the smaller scale like the family, the smallest unit of the society. A healthy and happy family is the fruit of collective positive thoughts of the parents and their children. The reverse is also true. A weak and unhealthy family is the reflection of the collective negative thoughts of the parents and their children. In short, our minds make our own environment.

Over the years, we have always equated criticisms and fault-findings with economic development, and it is commonly believed that there can be no material progress without the atmosphere of free wheeling media. This concept has formed the guidelines for our actions and to this day continues to move millions of us to this negative action. We then compared the Philippines with our neighbors like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and China who never tasted free speech, as we know and practice it, and yet they are more progressive than us.

Years ago, bothered by the worsening situation in the country, there were those who proposed to install a crisis leadership to end it all. In brief what they proposed was a change of leadership from the top not knowing that the top is a mere reflection of those who were below —  the populace.

Contrary to common belief , our world is not only a physical world, where everything is in constant change, where everything with life evolves. It is also a mental world, where everything starts from the mind. Our cellphone — its shape, mechanism and uses — was first perceived by the mind ot its inventor. It is a mere expression of that thought.

But we may ask — where does thought come from? Where does everything come or emanate from? In fact where does our whole plane of existence come from?

To discover the truth, Jesus Christ advised his followers to be still and listen. He also advised them to look inward because “the kingdom of God is within you” — not up, not below, not outside us but within us. To stress the he is everywhere, Jesus saith ” Turn the stone and you will see me there and cleave the wood and you will find me there.”

What Jesus meant to say is that everything, including us, comes from God who is everywhere and whose kingdom is within us, not in the physical sense but in spiritual sense which is the unchanging field of our existence where there is no time and space. We invariably call it pure consciousness, or the field of silence or spiritual field of existence. It is from this field or plane of existence our thoughts and creativity come from. It is where the whole outer phase of life we call the physical world comes from. All thought and activity begin from this silent level where the mind is not thinking — it is only awake in itself. From silence arises thoughts, action , achievement, fulfillment — and again, silence. That is the whole flow of life — from silence to silence.

What we are trying to drive at is that our present political, economic, cultural, social and even criminal environments did not come from to us by accident. We , meaning including those who came before us, first thought of it. Our state of under-development is the end result of our national attitude of being more rights-oriented and being less obligations-oriented. We think in terms of personal rather than national interest. Cornelio “Mang Kune” de Guzman

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