Santagay kay Sen. Manuel Lapid

ONE pound per square inch (PSI) can snap bone— shoulder blades and those in the rib cage shielding the heart and other delicate innards—like a dry twig…

Inaantig din ng matinong aralin ang locomotor spheres of the brain… pero kapag mabigat na pasanin na sumasakmal sa balikat, gulugod, balakang at sikmura—the core muscles that define sound kinesiology and sheer poetry of body movement– ang talaksang dalahin ng paslit na mag-aaral, tiyak na linsad nga ang mga buto’t gasgas ang balat niya.

Hindi pag-aaral ‘yon, parusa ‘yon.

So, there’s more of loco than earnest motive in nudging the young brain’s locomotor spheres with too heavy a school bag… and that was your concern.

You plied a measure limiting such a load to 15% of a child’s body weight… so sad, a lot of schoolchildren belong to poor families; most are underweight for their age.

Bale-wala ‘yon kay Armin Luistro, it’s likely the bloke isn’t much into human kinetics and the martial arts that allows keen appreciation of the weaknesses of the human body… hayaan mo na lang, but you know better… inom na lang tayo. Cerveza negra… mas magaang sunungin sa ulo ang liping o hang-over.

Nagdaan din ang mga supling ko sa ganoong parusa, naibsan nang ibili ng bag na de-gulong, hila-hila na lang… wala pang santaon pudpod din ang gulong sa bigat ng karga… ‘tangna, ‘ala talagang alam sa strength of materials ang mga idiotcators, oops, educators.

What passes for education—from educere, to express or squeeze out—is information overload, fueled by a notion that kids can only absorb 50% of whatever they’re taught. Thus, schoolchildren must bear the burden of a ton or so since they’ll only get to keep half a ton as they climb up the learning ladder.

Am’bigat pa ring pasanin… if this is one way to emulate Christ, I’d say the top honchos in the nation’s education system just want to see every kid dragging heavy crosses on their way to a crucifixion…

T-teka, hindi ba sinabi ni Kristo na anuman ang ginawa sa mga musmos, ganoon din ang ginawa sa Kanya? Kaya siguro ginagawang penitensiya sa bata ang pag-aaral, pwe-he-he-he!

Baka naman ang inaasahan ng mga kumag na ‘yan, maghahain ka ng panukala na tustusan ng gobyerno ang tig-isang forklift or backhoe for schoolchildren, if only to ease onus of the schooling process.

Uh, schooling ought to be burdensome… learning can enlighten, with emphasis on “light.”

Common sense isn’t so common these days, why, that’s something our idiotcators haven’t drilled our school children… so much spent on what’s and who’s rather guiding them to figure out how’s and why’s. Dong delos Reyes

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