The Botch of 2010

So much has been said and written about how PNoy handled or mishandled the IIRC recommendation on the Manila hostage crisis. The personalities close to chief executive , the Botch 2010, walked away laughing with minor punishments.

I’m not going to join the bashing since nothing can change what has been done or undone. I am disappointed how things went. We all saw how ineptitude is rewarded.


The president is a bachelor. So what’s wrong with hearing something romantic about the president? That’s definitely better than the scandalous relationships of people in show business being highlighted almost daily on national television. I’m sure he won’t be going to sleaze bars and honky-tonk joints to embarrass his position.

Lately, people have been asking about his girlfriend Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad who was suddenly left out in the cold. Nothing is heard from the president. More rumors are circulating on his newest dates.

Simple honesty could put everything to rest about the Shalani affair. One cannot be honest only in public and be the most dishonest person in private.  The reason why PNoy took his oath before a woman Supreme Court justice was to highlight the role of women in his administration. His late mom was the first woman president of the country. Is there now a sudden shift?

We would rather see him out on dates than seeing him late for appointments and suddenly taking the day off. One wonders what he has been doing with presidential time. One cannot stop wondering whether he is just lazing around and tinkering with his guns while his schedule says he is attending private meetings.


A nosey neighbor observed that what his neighbor’s sisters cannot take is the stark contrast between them and their younger brother’s good-looking girlfriend. They don’t want an improvement of the race. I told him to leave me out of it and stop acting like the Usec who sees too many things except his ineptitude.

For comments, reactions and suggestions… kindly keep it to yourselves. Dick Sinchongco

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