Time to resolve population control issue

JUST like what had happened in the lower house, it seems like the controversial reproductive health bill which is now being heard in the Senate is destined to be an issue that would never be resolved.

According to reports, the Senate’s first hearing into the bill achieved nothing except that it further added a fuel on the raging issue, thus further widening the gap between those who support and those that oppose the measure.

Personally, I believe that it is about time to resolve and settle the matter once and for all.

While I believe that the Roman Catholic Church and those that support its stand have some valid points as far as faith in God and the life that He gives is concerned, however, I perfectly understand that it is the responsibility of a responsible government to give the people especially couples the freedom to choose and decide how many children that they want to raise in their family.

And the government can only do that if the Church would not meddle in its functions especially in the area of providing accurate and scientific information with regard to what kind of family planning method that the couple could use.

The country’s population has been on the steady rise beginning in the early 70s and at present it has already reach an alarming 92 million and the figure is expected to continue and studies have indicated that we would breach the 100 million mark in the next few years.

Unfortunately, our growing population is inversely proportional to our natural and human resources which is in the reverse trend.

Simply put, in as much as we have a growing population the government on its part is having a hard time sustaining the needs as well as to feed our people.

Hence, no one should be surprised when survey results showed that more people suffer from hunger and consider themselves poor nowadays compared to a decade ago.

This is because of the simple reason that the government could not cope anymore in providing the basic needs and services to our growing number of people.

The truth is it is better to have a country with a fewer but healthy, strong , educated and independent citizenry than a country with a huge but  poor, sickly, unlearned and dependent population.

It is the responsibility of the government to see to it that its people are capable of living a decent and prosperous life but it could not accomplish that task if it cannot implement some measures of control as far as population is concerned.

I agree with the argument of those who oppose the use of contraceptives and other means of family planning outside of the natural method that human life begins at conception, but their reasoning is  misleading because the issue here is not about aborting life but preparing a life that is worth living.

I just hope that the Senate could finally come up with something so that this very contentious issue will be finally resolved. Bobby Ricohermoso

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