‘Make carnapping non-bailable’

A LADY lawmaker yesterday expressed support to the call of the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) for Congress to declare carnapping as a non-bailable offense to enable the police authorities to effectively combat the crime.

“I understand the frustration of our policemen who give their lives trying to put carnappers in jail, only to find out later that they are out on bail faster than getting them behind bars,” Malabon City Rep. Josephine Veronique R. Lacson-Noel said.

“Carnapping is, by nature, a dangerous, threatening crime. I consider it no different from other crimes that physically harm victims and other forms of theft,” Lacson-Noel said.

But more than making carnapping non-bailable, the greater need is to hasten the processing of cases to ensure that even if these criminals were out on bail, they would surely be jailed if convicted, Lacson-Noel said.

Under the law, carnapping suspects can post a bail of between P100,000 and P180,000, which is “peanuts for a crime with high returns,” according to Lacson-Noel.

The lawmaker noted that recently, carnappers have become more vicious and bold due to the high pay-offs.

“They won’t hesitate to kill or maim just to get away scot-free so they could continue with their ‘lucrative,’ albeit illegal, activities”, Lacson-Noel said.

“Sadder still, authorities who chase and apprehend these criminals get hurt or killed”, Lacson-Noel added.

She sympathized with citizens whose sense of security is threatened by crimes and reports of crimes.

“It is our duty to our citizens to ensure that we are able to protect their right to feel safe in their own neighborhood. We need to amend the law if only to provide higher protection to our policemen and our citizens,” Lacson-Noel stressed. D’Jay Lazaro

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