Campus journalists march against budget cut

“WE will march with outrage!”

This is the  statement of Edrick Carrasco, Secretary-General of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines as they marched with the academic community earlier today to Mendiola due to the highest budget cut in the history of tertiary education.

“Never will we allow the government to abandon the Filipino people’s right to quality and free education. Never will we accept a budget that will imperil the youth’s future and eventually our country’s future,” Carrasco added.

The recent s campus strikes staged by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa, University of the Philippines in Diliman and Manila attest the academic reaction to the budget cut now approved by the Aquino’s congress.  Even private institutions waged their protests on the intensifying tuition and other fees increases

“Regimes have betrayed the youth and this regime of Aquino vowing change only made it worst and proved he is no different. We will march with outrage for this is the only thing Aquino deserves for the academic community he betrayed, and we will take what we rightfully belongs to us,” Carrasco concludes.

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