Car thieves slams into a post on C5

POLICE have arrested two suspected car-thieves after the stolen SUV vehicle they were riding in slammed into an electric lamp post along the C-5 Highway in Parañaque City yesterday.

National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Supt. Nicanor Bartolome identified the two arrested suspects who were believed to be members of Budol-Budol Gang as Felimon Borillo and Jeffrey Martinez.

Bartolome said a police mobile patrol team of the Southern Police District (SPD) gave chase to a white Mitsubishi Montero (NZI-671), which the six men forcible took from a couple the day before.

“They have just stolen a Montero and they were cruising along the C-5 and may have panicked when they saw our mobile patrol,” Bartolome said. “The driver may have lost control of the SUV causing it to crash.”

The NCRPO chief said that their patrol vehicle made a quick U-turn to check the SUV, but the occupants tried to escape.

Borillo and Martinez were eventually arrested, but their four companions were able to escape.

Bartolome said when the police mobile crew checked the vehicle, two 12-gauge shotguns were found inside the vehicle. Anthony Vargas

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