Good at bad choices

Residents in the vicinity of Ever Gotesco in Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City are alarmed over the spate of robberies. They are beginning to wonder if Mayor Herbert Bautista still lives in the area.

Usually, places where local executives live are endlessly patrolled by cops. They are probably waiting for things to get worse before they act. Actors! Is there a policy of police invisibility in the area? Some residents say that a nearby subdivision is the lair of carjackers.  Bet they don’t have ‘intel inside.’


A lot of people are amazed at how PNoy is packing his cabinet and other government posts with lightweights. Let’s give him a little time. He was never a congressional leader. His senate stint is very ah..ah. I say let’s give him a break. He is exceptionally good at making bad choices.


Reports of how the gang of schoolmates recruit possible appointees in sensitive and lucrative post are alarming. You might say that they are really lightweights and tactless as far as conducting the searches in several expensive hotels.  Let’s just hope nobody’s selling directorships in the land of Matuwid na Daan.


In some agencies, the new admin’s ‘invasion forces’ are busy trying to undo everything and clumsily trying their hands at management. Some are busy rounding up the previous administrations appointees and floating them.

Sad. Most of them are efficient workers and employees. Others are more competent. One previous official said, “Hayaan mo silang magkalat. They’re trying to make us believe they know how to run things. I’m
happy to be out. ” That’s how it is these days.

In one agency, they want active military officers to run a civilian outfit. They are experimenting.  I won’t be surprised if they come out with too many Frankensteins.  They lack wisdom.


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