HK OFWs call for labor attaches’ recall

OVERSEAS Filipino workers in Hong Kong (in photo) called for the removal of Labor Attache to Hong Kong Romulo Salud in a protest action over the weekend.

“Each day that Romulo Salud remains in his position is an insult to Agnes Tenorio and an injustice to all OFWs who have experienced rudeness from and neglect by Philippine officials abroad. No OFW should again be made victim of his arrogance and irresponsibility,” said Eman Villanueva, secretary general of the United Filipinos in Hong Kong.

“Almost two weeks since the transgression of Salud has been exposed and still there’s no word as to how [the Labor department]’s promised investigation is going. While Salud remains in office, he remains unaccountable to what he did and to his arrogant concept service to OFWs. We demand results and actions and DoLE owes them to Tenorio and to all OFWs who have been mistreated by officials foresworn to provide us service,” Villanueva added.

Villanueva said there has been no report yet from Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz as to the status of their investigation. He also relayed that the department is yet to make an effort to reach out to Tenorio.

“For such an urgent and important concern, the action of the DoLE is sluggish. Thousands have signed for Salud’s recall and even more have expressed discontent on how officials abroad conduct themselves when they deal with OFWs. We call on the DoLE to not let us OFWs wait any longer,” he said.

Villanueva said that the protest action was also meant to remind Consul General Claro Cristobal of his statement way before that misconduct of consulate staff and officials will not be permitted.

“Is it because that Salud is one of the top officials that no statement or action is forthcoming from the PCG-HK? If the hope is to just let this issue die a natural death, it will never happen,” Villanueva asked.

Villanueva said that they will continue soliciting signatures from fellow OFWs and conducting actions until Salud is recalled and improvements in the service delivery of the government to OFWs are made.

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