Inspection agency assures ‘Bird-flu free’ meat for Christmas

THE re-emergence of bird flu incidences in the Philippines’ neighboring countries has prompted the National Meat Inspection Service  to issue yesterday an instruction to all its field offices to stamp the “Bird-flu Free” logo in all meat and meat products inspection certificate (MMPIC) issued from the agency’s accredited cold storages and distribution centers.

NMIS executive director Jane Bacayo said the move aims to assure poultry meat traders and buyers that all imported and locally produced poultry meat products stored in NMIS accredited meat storages are certified safe and free from any disease that can cause illness to human.

Bacayo further instructed all NMIS regional officers to continue to be vigilant in monitoring the safety of all meat and meat products in all accredited meat plants in the country. All imported and locally produced meat must be subjected first to inspection before they are distributed for retail.

Bacayo encourages consumers to look for the certificate when they buy meat at retail stores so that they can be assured that  it is safe and free from any hazardous contamination that might compromise their health.

MMPIC is a document issued by a meat inspection officer that certifies the safety and quality of meat  that comes from  all NMIS accredited meat plants. The logo is stamped at the upper right corner of MMPIC.

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