Lotto rigging probe sought

It is not enough that President Benigno Aquino III took back control and supervision of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) from the Department of Health which was the arrangement during the time of his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, now Pampanga representative.

A two-pronged investigation into alleged riggings of lotto draws to be conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for punitive action, and Congress in aid of legislation, are in order.

This developed as the jackpot for 6/55 Grand Lotto on line lottery draw of PCSO reached last night more than P700 million the biggest jackpot in the country’s lotto history.

This is very much unlike the lottery jackpot draws during previous administration where four or more lotto ticket holders with the same bet won the jackpot, giving rise to suspicion that those draws were fixed.

Probers should look into the names of those who won and claimed the prizes to erase suspicions some people in connivance with some PCSO officials of laundered their ill-gotten wealth through lotto jackpot winnings.

For the security of legitimate lotto winners their name must be kept secret by the NBI and Congress probers.

In an executive order, Aquino said that he has the power to transfer functions of line agencies by virtue of the Administrative Code of 1987 which authorizes the President to transfer agencies to the Office of the President from other departments or agencies.

One of the objectives of the transfer was to keep the integrity of lotto draws implying that there were irregularities in lotto draws in the past but the present administration has no evidence to prove it.


As we go over column writing materials on the controversial reproductive health bill, an article written by former senator Francis Tatad caught our attention.

Entitled “ The RH Bill Revisited”  Tatad, a former journalist before he was elected senators, gives an insight into the real objective of passing the reproductive health measure into law.

Interesting and thought-provoking excerpts from Mr. Tatad’s  article follows.

Filipino women and men in great number are already freely contracepting and getting sterilized. No law prohibits them from doing so. The Department of Health and the population Commission have been big suppliers of contraceptives and sterilization agents and the General Appropriations Act has been carrying regular appropriations for that purpose since the 70’s. DOH and Popcorn personnel as well as public and private hospital staff openly ask men and women to get sterilized, especially during the birth of a new child. Many Local Government Units have since joined their ranks. The country’s contraceptive prevalence rating now stands at 50 percent. It is therefore completely misleading and deceptive to say that the PH Bill in both Houses of Congress is intended to help women make an “informed choice” on the use of contraceptives and sterilization agents.

The real objective and purpose of the bill as written is to make the state the principal, if not lone, provider of contraceptives and sterilization agents to the general public. These will be distributed as “essential” frontline medicines to cure human fertility, which is not yet a disease.

The unwritten, ultimate objective of the bill is population control. Then term is meticulously avoided by the population controllers and their propagandists for political correctness, but the truth is nothing else. The original objective was to reduce the size of the family around the world to two children per family by the year 2000. The latest brainstorm seems to celebrate “the only child” which has already created a demographic disaster in China, with a projected preponderance of 30 million males without females by 2020, or the totally childless “family”, which is guaranteed by “same sex marriage”.
The RH bill seeks to accomplish its objective through universal contraception and sterilization by the State, and mandatory sex education for school children, from Grave V up to high school, without parental consent.

The bill is clearly inspired by the global population control agenda, which also provides its strongest support. This agenda was first spelled out in U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY STUDY MEMORANDUM 200, otherwise known as the 1974 Kissinger Report. It considered the overall effects of continued population growth in developing countries, not on the poverty and social conditions of those countries, but rather upon the economic and security interest of the United State. Thereafter the US launched its global program to curb population growth in developing countries. The program was quickly adopted by other rich countries the United Nnations and its various agencies, the World Bank, the IMF the Asian Development Bank  and various international funding institutions.

In the US, population control was promoted with great vigor by the Clinton administration, but its strongest support yet has to come from President Barak Obama whose first major official edict was to authorize the use of US funds, disallowed by his predecessor George W. Bush, to support abortion activities in the developing countries. Abortion became legal in the US in 1973 by virtue of the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. Each year, abortion takes a toll of at least 46 millions unborn children around the world. China accounts for 13 million and India 11 million of the total count.”….

“Population control unleashed radical changes in social mores and lifestyle and systematic attack on human life, family and marriage, as these attacks intensified. Pope John Paul II warned against the conflict between the culture of life and culture of death. Among many Filipinos DEATH came to be known as the lethal acronym for Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, Total fertility control, Homo sexual practices (same sex marriage etc). Cornelio de Guzman

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