Metro Manila safe from terror threat — NCRPO

METRO Manila is relatively safe from terrorist threats amid the travel advisories issued by at least six western countries last week, a ranking police official said Sunday.

The United States (US) along with United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada and New Zealand issued travel advisories warning its citizens
here against the threat of possible terrorist attack in Metro Manila and Mindanao.

The warnings were not taken lightly several ranking officials of the Aquino administration to the point that Malacañang denying that such terror threats exists and even called these countries ‘mis-informed’ and reconsider their advisories.

But, the chief of the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO, Chief Supt. Nicanor Bartolome was  more “receptive” on the travel advisories saying that these will be used as guide for their security planing in the metropolis.

“These (advisories) will also help us be more effective in our efforts to quickly respond to any crisis and prevent any terrorist incident in Metro Manila,” Bartolome said.

However, Bartolome reiterated that the 17,000 strong NCRPO is all but set to keep the metropolis safe during the holiday season, whether there is an existing terror plot in Metro Manila or not.  Anthony  Vargas

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