MMDA, DOTC IQ Challenged

IT HAS  been almost five months since President Noynoy Aquino has promised the nation an orderly and graft-free Philippines and an efficient and honest bureaucracy but so far that promise has remained an unfulfilled.

Five months have passed and the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) led by Secretary Jose de Jesus is still trying to count the number of buses illegally plying on E. Delos Santos Ave. (Edsa).

And up to this time, the DOTC has remained deaf to the pleas of cell phone users to curb the abuses of cell phone companies who charge unwilling customers for alerts, advisories and ring backs.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), meanwhile, has concocted a new number coding scheme designed to reduce the number of buses on Edsa that greeted commuters with a bus strike last Monday and created a monstrous crippling traffic jam.

If it will take de Jesus and Francis Tolentino of MMDA forever to solve the problem on Edsa, they should immediately admit their low intelligence quotient (IQ) and find works outside of government where their expertise will not be \at the expense of the taxpayers.

De Jesus and Tolentino declared on Monday that the number coding was a general success. They love to kid themselves, it seems. If that was so, why did it take President Noynoy to ask these two bright guys to ask the bus operators to dialogue with them?

Yesterday, on the second day of the number coding scheme, and a day after the transport officials declare the experiment successful, it was back to normal on Edsa despite the presence of newly-hired traffic enforcers from Cavite which is outside Metro Manila.

And Edsa is not the only problem. Everywhere in Metro Manila is on chaos. All public utility operators and drivers, including their barkers, refuse to obey traffic rules and regulations with the active participation of the police and the kagawads.

De Jesus and other officials concerned with the public transport sector summoned to Malacañang claimed some bus operators were behind the strike.

Bus operator Claire dela Fuente the singer denied there was a strike, only a miscommunication between owners and drivers. Is she testing the IQ of de Jesus and Tolentino?

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board chairman Nelson assured President Noynoy  that there would be sanctions meted out in connection with Monday’s stoppage of bus operations and that the dialog ordered by the President won’t affect in any way the prosecution of those found liable.

Tolentino said the number-coding scheme would push through despite the dialog with the operators. He said the dialog would only tackle other means to address the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., chairman of the committee on public services, called for the suspension or cancellation of the franchises and licenses and the arrest of erring operators and drivers.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III suggested that the government consider taking over the bus operations in Metro Manila as a permanent solution to the traffic snarls in the metropolis. Ho-hum! Raul Valino

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