Noynoy’s popularity sagging

It is said that the popularity of President Noy is sagging because it is just a natural consequence of his immense acceptance at the height of his candidacy for the highest post of the land.

All presidents, they say, suffered the same fate, especially for those who started high but ended up to be a big disappointment.

But it should not happen to Noy who was the paragon of everything that the previous president, his successor, wasn’t.

Noy’s only fault was that he picked the wrong Cabinet to make the new government ideally workable. The Cabinet members were mostly classmates, friends and relatives.

His promise of change remains unfulfilled because his Cabinet men were not following their leader. President Noy’s vision of hope has been blurred by factions in the Cabinet owing to their different orientations, their own agenda and their faulty appreciation of what’s good for the people in general.

As a result, the inaction of President Noy to many of his own promises has become totally contagious.

Instead of harnessing them and inspiring them to work better for the poor, Noy is consuming much of his time defending his Cabinet when it should be the other way around.

Much of the blame can be traced to his triumvirate of spokesmen and the executive secretary.

The three spokesmen, who apparently don’t like each other, speak in difference languages, so to speak, and sing discordant notes that tend to contradict each other.

The executive secretary is supposed to be the Little President but has done nothing but to watch an orchestra without a band leader. They are like in a basketball game where there is no referee and, sad to say, without a coach.

To each his own, as the saying goes.

Today, there is absolutely no clear desire on the part of the President and his Cabinet to curb illegal logging, jueteng, smuggling, drugs, arms and ammos, kidney transplants and big-time banditry.

There is no desire to make education available to students who are not financially endowed, and nary a thought about making health and social services more meaningful to the less fortunate, except for dole-outs in billions of pesos called pork barrel.

Now, we are being asked by those who live in the Palace and by those who live in palatial homes that there is nothing wrong about a president quickly losing his popularity in this very early state of his presidency.

Some say the president would rather be right than being popular as if we have never heard of this same excuse during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Can’t President Noy be right and popular at the same time? This is not a game of which is better, the devil or the deep blue sea.

Noy has a choice but if he’d rather be wrong and unpopular to save a Cabinet that is equally unpopular and unacceptable to many, what else can we do? Raul Valino

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