PNoy terror paranoia jailed innocent Moro

PROGRESSIVE partylist, Katribu, and Moro-Christian Peoples Alliance(MCPA) denounce the latest attack to human rights of the Muslim people with the arrest of Patta J. Hoyo, a Yakan, last Nov. 3 2010 at Tandang Sora Quezon City by the combined operatives of Police Anti-Crime Emergency Response (PACER) and the 300th Air Force Intelligence Security Group.

According to the report received by Tony Liongson, National Coordinator Moro Christian Peoples Alliance (MCPA), Patta was arrested along Tandang Sora road, infront of Tierra Pura Subdivision
while driving his passenger tricycle. According to the report, “Patta was punched in the face by one of the arresting team member to pacify his initial resistance to the arrest.”

Patta was accused as one of the kidnappers of 10 workers of the Golden Harvest Plantation in Barangay Tairan, Lantawan town, Basilan on June 11, 2001 and the kidnapping of some civilians and nurses from the Dr. Jose Torres Hospital in Lamitan on June 2, 2001.

“We find the accusation absurd because , Patta was only a high school student and barely 16 years old when kidnapping occur. We cannot fathom how the police came up with such intelligence report that a high school student was involved in a kidnapping incident in 2001 and it took them 10 years before he was identified and finally arrested,  Liongson added.

Liongson added that the arrest of Patta , was part of PNoy administration response to the call of the US for “vigilance” in midst of “resurgence of terrorism”, in which was seconded by PNoy by calling call for a “tighter security” after the October 21 bombing in Cotabato and after the terror alerts issued by different country like US, France and Australia.

“We are enraged with the arrest of Patta Hoyo, it seem that Patta Hoyo’s arrest is the response of the state armed forces to prove to their foreign master that they are serious in their anti terror campaign and Patta Hoyo is the first casualty and the first sacrificial lamb in the altar of war on terror by this administration.

The group also stated that the arrest of innocent Moro civilian in the name of the anti-terror plan has occured before. “In 2001, 73 innocent Moro were arrested and incarcerated during the martial law in Basilan, all in the guise of peace-keeping and anti -terror.“

“The state armed forces and their intelligence group has yet again succumb to their “Terror Paranoia” and our muslim brothers always serve as the easy target. Is this a clear example of “Islamophobia” according to Nelson Mallari, Katribu secretary General.

“They frequently and conveniently use their anti-terror line to justify their human right abuses. This paranoia has been the bane of the human rights of the Moro and indigenous people.

The group also stated that Patta is a Moro human rights defender. According to Datu Ali Matias “Patta is a certified member of the Liga ng Kabataang Moro”, a progressive and militant group of young Moro promoting christian and muslim unity. “He was  active in promoting and defending the rights of the Moro and we can testify to the good moral background of Patta.

The group calls for the immediate release of Patta and calls for justice and indemnification for all the victims of human rights violation.

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