Pope Now A Pro-RH Advocate?

NOW that no less than Pope Benedict XVI is departing from the Church’s hard-line stance against ’s reproductive health measure, several anti-RH bill advocates including a few lawmakers and even Catholic prelates have come up with their own alibis saying this and saying that.

Nonetheless, if they’re really concerned about the well-being of every Filipino family, they could not have waited for the Holy See’s pronouncements that might in a way affect or undermine the hardnosed position of the Church. They could’ve shared much earlier similar statements to that effect and in doing so they could have vividly elucidated their point against the use of contraceptives in planning a family, not this time that they appear to be just like callous subordinates who easily bow to what their superiors order them to do so.

With the Pope’s statements that undeniably stunned anti-RH advocates particularly members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, though of course they wouldn’t admit it, pro-RH advocates on one hand are now saying that the Catholic Church will soon relax on its stance though not necessarily going away from its teachings that are of paramount importance.

And if it happens, it would strengthen the proposed RH bill pending in Congress and would eventually see its passage after having been archived for years apparently due to mounting pressures from the Church especially now that the principal Malacanang tenant is publicly known to be open to the use of contraceptives if according to him it’s the choice of the couple toward responsible parenthood.

Those objecting the health measure have become Pope’s immediate interpreters as they try to explain that the former’s declaration was irrelevant to the RH bill as it was meant in preventing infections or diseases like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and not preventing babies. But who can say or guarantee that a couple is using condoms because they’re scared of getting infected with killer disease like HIV or simply they want it as a way to plan their family? Arlie Calalao

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