Palace meet on Morong 43 ‘dismaying’

Human rights group Karapatan expressed dismay over the meeting yesterday with Malacañang officials on the Morong 43 case.

“Nothing came out of a scheduled meeting of relatives of the detained Morong 43 health workers with the President’s Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Atty. Jose Amor Amorado in Malacañang,” Karapatan acting secretary-general Jigs Clamor said.

“Worse, the tormented relatives were given a run-around by the Palace official, who alleged that President Benigno Aquino III has instructed them to look into the case before he left for Japan to attend the APEC summit,” Clamor said.

“Amorado admitted that the Palace is being flooded with support letters calling for the immediate release of the illegally detained health workers.  But it seems Amorado doesn’t know what ‘immediate’ means.  Malacañang has no sense of urgency on human rights violations,” Clamor added.

“The Department of Justice, through Secretary Leila de Lima, has already submitted its recommendations to the President on what to do with the human rights victims and President Aquino himself publicly admitted that the warrant is faulty and that the evidence used against them were, legally speaking, ‘the fruit of the poisonous tree,’” Clamor said.

Yet, he said, “here comes Dep. Sec. Amorado feigning ignorance on the case but has the gall to offer us all sorts of ‘legal advice’ on how to deal with a problem which the government has started in the first place.”

Clamor said Amorado asked them for legal papers that were already submitted and reviewed by the DOJ.

“It is either Malacañang is willfully stalling the release of the Morong 43, and taking us for fools, or some power player like the US or the AFP is hell-bent to continue the grave human rights violations in the country,” Clamor said.

“We have reports indicating that Malacañang is playing a propaganda spin against the health workers and that the AFP is parading some of the detainees for its own crooked designs,” Clamor bared.(D’Jay Lazaro)

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