Tallest statue of Jesus

The world’s tallest statue of Jesus Christ is in Poland, birthplace of the current Pope.

The statue features a crown of gold so unlike the thorns on the head of Jesus when He was being crucified by the Roman soldiers who had invaded Israel and most of the “civilized” world.

If I were the present Pope, I would have protested the crown and for that matter, all the statues big or small, short or tall, pertaining to Jesus, His Mother, and all saints appointed or anointed by previous popes.

“My kingdom is not on earth,” proclaimed Jesus but no one seems to take it seriously, including the popes and those who run the Catholic churches. Statues of Jesus, His Mother and saints canonized by the popes aboud in princely garments and jewels, so tempting to eyes of the needy and the fortune hunters.

There also seems to be a battle for the world’s highest structure of Jesus, like the World Trade Center, previously the world’s tallest that collapsed like Babel’s Tower.

The new statue of Jesus erected in Poland has a height of 117 feet and a weight of 440 tons that dwarfs the previously unmatched Rio de Janeiro of Brazil and the robed body of Jesus in Bolivia.

Said Father Sylwester Zawadzki who launched the project to build the tallest Christ figure in the world five years ago, “it is my life’s work…. He will be the greatest preacher of the faith. Europe needs preachers like Christ.”

Could the present Pope have stopped the Polish priest from erecting monuments depicting Jesus as a king adorned with a golden crown?

The Pope, if ever, can only inhibit himself in case such an occasion arises.

Remember, one of the first official acts of the new Pope was to allow himself to be gifted with a state-of-the-art bullet-proof racing car called Volvo in the face of famine, moral or otherwise, that pervades the world.

Soaring 36 meters towards the heavens, the Christ of Swiebodzin in Poland wears a crown of gold and, as of this weekend, has dethroned the landmark Jesus of Rio de Janeiro as the world’s tallest statue of Christ., according to the news.

I didn’t especially mean to build the world’s tallest Christ,” the Polish priest meekly recounted.  adding that the three-meter-high golden crown brings the total height to 36m, 3m higher than the Jesus of Rio.

“I just wanted it to measure 33m like the 33 years that Christ was alive,” he said but would Jesus have liked it?

But why build a statue this high? Ah, it’s for the money. One Polish government official said: “This will promote the town and attract tourists.” The wire agency AFP said it cost about one million euros.

Some locals think it is a waste of money. “I don’t understand. With all this money, we would have done better to build an elementary school.”

Which reminds me of the towering Statue of the Virgin Mary on EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. Raul Valino

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